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National Diabetes Prevention Program

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Begin Your Health Journey With Us

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We offer the CDC-recognized lifestyle change program.

Marion county currently ranks 49 out of 67 counties in Florida for health

Beat Diabetes Today

Our Top Targeted Areas

Physical Activity

National Diabetes Prevention Program

30 million people (9%) in America have been diagnosed with diabetes.

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Self - Management Education

68% of adults in America are overweight or obese.

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Discover Your Readiness for Change

Each individual will be taken through a system we all the the stages of change. You will be given a survey that we will use to see the best process for you.

The stages of change

Physical Therapy

Experience the ultimate interactive Health Coaching that is designed to guide you in creating individualized health goals that are aligned with your personal values. Through SMART goals you will be well prepared to achieve optimum health and wellness.

Self Management

Be empowered and be inspired and gain the confidence, knowledge and the skills you need to better your health.

Peer To Peer

Peer up with individuals with similar health goals that will help motivate and inspire you throughout your journey to achieve a better health.

Health Packages

Body Detox

Enhance you overall health with a body detox that will free your system from unwanted toxins. Let our experts show you how.

Gain Energy

Experience the right energy, doing and eating the right things. Our expert advice will help setting you and the right path to nutrition and energy success.

Gain Fitness

Gain the fitness that your body desperately needs to enhance your digestion, reduce tension, lubricate joins, and strengthen you.

What We Expect From You





The purpose and drive behind Dynamic Therapy is to educate and empower citizens on sustainable ways to get fit and healthy. Dynamic Therapy & Wellness will achieve this through engagement, by becoming an agent of change so others will have the knowledge and resources to obtain optimal health.

Dr. Stella Nemuseso

Doctor of Physical Therapy

All the Nutrients Your Body Need

You depend on your body to give you the stamina and strength you need to get thought each day. It’s time to give back to you body. Take advantage of our scientific brake through that give you body all the 90 nutrients your body needs.