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Local Community Assessment Survey

Marion County is currently ranked 49 of 67 Counties for poor overall health in the state of Florida and plagued by chronic diseases including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

Dynamic Therapy and Wellness Services is working to prevent chronic disease by partnering with the you, local leaders, and organizations in the community to improve the lives of Marion County residents

Purpose: Improve lives by empowering communities and inspiring change**


  1. Engage the public and learn the needs of the community
  2. Motivate those in need by offering wellness programs in the local community
  3. Inspire health and wellness with certified lifestyle coaches
  4. Empower people to invest in their community as partners and community health leaders

The tables below highlight the health problems in Marion County and it’s identified behaviors with the greatest impact on health, according to the 2015 Marion County Community Health Assessment.

(Community Health Survey of Citizens, Business Leaders and Physicians)

Most Important Problems in the Community
Factor Citizens Businesses Physicians
1 Obesity Obesity Obesity
2 Mental Health Mental Health Heart disease and stroke
3 Heart disease and stroke Aging problems Aging problems
4 Diabetes Cancer Diabetes
5 Cancer Heart disease and stroke Cancer
Behaviors with Greatest Impact on Overall Health
Factor Citizens Businesses Physicians
1 Eating unhealthy foods Not exercising Tobacco
2 Drug Abuse Drug Abuse Overeating
3 Not exercising Eating unhealthy foods Not exercising
4 Alcohol Abuse Alcohol Abuse Not using healthcare services properly
5 Tobacco Overeating Eating unhealthy foods

For more information on how to improve your health/community please contact us.

Please take a minute to complete the survey below.  The purpose of this instrument is to get your opinions about community health.  In collaboration with our Marion County Community, we plan to compile this information and use it as input for the health classes and activities.

Local Community Assessment

Welcome to your Community Survey

NamePreferred Method of CommunicationEmailPhone Number
Please enter the Zip Code of your residence (for data collection purposes only).
What do you think are the three most important “health problems” in our community? (Those problems that have the greatest impact on overall community health) Check only three.

What do you think are the three most important activities/programs for a “Healthy Community?” (Those activities you would like to participate in your community) Check only three.

What do you need from your community organization to better improve your health? List the most important things/services you need to for Marion County to be a “Healthy Community”